Quick Answer: Who Is No 1 PUBG Player In The World?

Who is God of PUBG?


Coffin aka SP-Coffin (recent name) is a professional PUBG Mobile player from Turkey.

Coffin is known as God of PUBG Mobile..

Who has the highest KD in real life?

Simo HayhaSimo Hayha has a 700:1 kill-death ratio…. in real life.

Who is God of free fire in world?

Agni (English: /ˈæɡni/ AG-nee, Sanskrit: अग्नि, romanized: Agní) is a Sanskrit word meaning fire and connotes the fire god of Hinduism.

Who is the best PUBG player in the world 2020?

Top five PUBG Mobile players in 2020:Paraboy (Image Credits: Liquipedia)Luxxy (Image Credits: Liquipedia)D2E (Image Credits: Liquipedia)Jonathan (Image Credits: Liquipedia)Image Credits: Coffin.Jun 3, 2020

How do you kill enemies fast in PUBG?

PUBG Mobile: Sevou’s top 5 tips to get more kills#5 Land in hot places! Depending on the plane route and which hot-drop is the nearest, always try to land in either Novorepnoye, Military Base, Pochinki or Georgopol. … #4 DON’T waste time on looting, let the enemies loot for YOU! … #3 Always have a vehicle and move fast! … #2 Get the Airdrops! … #1 Play solo vs squads!Jun 30, 2020

Who is the king of PUBG in India?

Harpreet Singh Janjuha a.k.a Ronak is a very well reputed PUBG player who currently plays for the team Fnatic Mobile. Awarded The Rampage Freak in PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, Ronak has earned over Rs. 1 crore by competing in tournaments alone.

How do you kill better in PUBG?

PUBG Shooting TipsPlay smart. By this I mean, avoid rushing into battle. … Expanding on the previous PUBG tips, wait for the perfect shot. Whether it is a sniper rifle you have equipped or a shotgun, don’t go all out. … When using an automatic weapon, always be cautious as recoil is what can kill you at the end of the day.Oct 3, 2018

Who has the best KD?

KD LeaderboardRankPlayerKD1Twitch_ZGNaie332.002ZG VovoXTrihard304.003svckonDEEZ292.004Twitch Bucklezx261.6796 more rows

Who is Mr conqueror in PUBG?

MadanMadan, who popularly goes by the name ‘Mr. Conqueror’, is an Indian PUBG streamer and a YouTube content creator who is winning fans with his gameplay streams. He streams battle royale game on his YouTube channel regularly. He has gained 528K subscribers on his official channel on YouTube.

Who gets the kill in PUBG?

The kill count goes to the person who’s shot knocked out/killed the player. It’s not about giving the first shot but it’s all about that one last kill shot. This is fun when playin war mode.. to get kills mainly when you have kar98k wait for a enemy to get knocked out and take 1 or maximum 2 shots..

How do you push KD in PUBG?

How to increase KD in PUBG Mobile?Stay away from hot zones. It is always a huge risk to drop into hot zones or areas where you have other squads. … Play with your regular squad. There are times when players choose to play matches with random squads rather than their regular squad or friends in PUBG Mobile. … Do not rush unnecessarily.May 14, 2020

How do you not get killed in PUBG?

At the start of a round, hit as many places as you can without ignoring the circle. During the mid-game, only loot players who were killed in cover. At the end of the game, don’t loot at all unless your armor is badly damaged, you’re completely out of first aid, or you’re completely out of ammo.

Why do I always get killed in PUBG?

I have played PUBG a lot and i have even died in those lonely places where just one or two people land. … Generally they only kill people who get in their way or when they can get easy kills. The people you’re playing with might have advantage over you either in real life or in game.

Who is the top 10 PUBG player in India?

Here’s our pick for the top 10 PUBG Mobile players in India:GiLL – Orange Rock. … Vexe – Megastars. … Clutchgod – TSM-Entity. … Owais – Fnatic. … Seervi – SynerGE. … Mavi – Orange Rock. … Zgod – TSM-Entity. One half of TSM-Entity’s deadly duo. … Jonathan – TSM-Entity. This one was really a no brainer.More items…•Jul 6, 2020

Who has highest KD in PUBG mobile?

ROHAN DPIn TPP duo mode, ROHAN DP has the highest KD in PUBG Mobile which is 9.62. He made 4060 kills after 422 matches. Then, the player with nickname CLUTH has the highest KD ratio in the TPP squad mode. His current KD is 10.00.

Who is Spower PUBG?

Spower is a 13-year-old pro who made his debut in the scene last year and has been making a name for himself since then. Earlier, he played for Initiative Esports and then represented prominent Indian Mobile Esports organization named 8bit.

What is top fragger in PUBG?

TOP FRAGGER means the player who has killed most enemies i.e., the highest number of kills in the tournament. FRAG means kills.